At Holland House we understand Information Technology is a rapidly evolving, every changing part of children’s lives. For us, it is key that our pupils understand the vast uses of technology as well as having the necessary skills which will ensure they become digitally literate ready for the next stage of their education as well as preparing them for adult life. Therefore, we ensure children are taught computing across the curriculum, so that they can see the importance of these skills. We endeavour to ensure that children develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude about technology, so they can become confident, creative and independent learners. Furthermore, it is vital that all children leave Holland House with an excellent knowledge of staying safe online to help protect them now and in the future.


In EYFS we follow the 2021 Development Matters Curriculum and children are given many opportunities to play with and explore technologies on a daily basis during continuous provision and planned learning activities; they include the use of walkie-talkies, remote controlled cars, stop watches, battery operated toys, iPads and interactive whiteboards.

In KS1 we follow the 2014 National Curriculum Computing Curriculum. This is enhanced by ‘Switched On’ planning documents which were selected because they ensure teachers are covering all aspects of the National Curriculum in depth; they also ensure computing is taught in small steps building on prior knowledge and develop key skills allowing for flexibility and creativity using a cross curricular approach. Children are taught using a range of technology, including iPads, Bee-Bots, chrome books and interactive whiteboards.

Our thematic learning ensures our children engage in a range of computing experiences including: research, games, the use of apps such as, Popplet and Scratch Jnr; this helps to support the understanding that technology has many uses. Teachers select software carefully to ensure children are given the opportunity to experiment, design, make decisions, interact and try things out for themselves. Our children have been born into a digital world and encouraging them to understand and make use of this technology will ensure that they develop confidence in making it work for them.

Keeping safe is imperative and we teach our children about how to be safe when using computers throughout and this is woven through our Curriculum. We also support parents with this through workshops and information sharing. You can find out more here. E-Safety – Holland House School

Our Computing Progression


The children at Holland House enjoy computing and this in turn enables them to develop a good range of skills which allow them to use technology safely and respectfully. Children know that there are many uses for technology beyond the classroom and have experienced some of these, enabling them to create, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content independently and most importantly safely. Furthermore, children develop a good understanding of algorithms and know how to create and debug programmes. This will mean they are ready to progress onto the more complex KS2 curriculum.