Our Art and Design curriculum is ambitious and inspires pupils to develop their artistic skills and knowledge and leaves them inspired to find out more and create. We believe Art is an avenue for children to explore their curiosity, express themselves imaginatively and celebrate culture and diversity.


We want to support children in developing a deep appreciation of the world we live in and the beauty that surrounds us. Our curriculum inspires our pupils to be brave with colour, material and mixed media to create high quality physical and visual art pieces.


Our Art curriculum enables pupils to be creative and injects a love for Art and Design. We aim to build on children’s early creative experiences whilst enabling them to express themselves in a practical and inspiring way. Our art curriculum is organised as part of an integrated approach to learning. This approach enables art activities to be linked to other curriculum areas which enriches children’s learning and enables them to communicate and develop their thoughts and ideas in creative ways.

In EYFS, Expressive arts and design is taught continuously through a range of indoor and outdoor provisions. Pupils are given a range of daily activities that are aimed to grow creative skills as well as develop confidence and self-expression. In addition, pupils always have the opportunity to use the ‘creative area’ located in every EYFS classroom, where pupils are able to use their own creative skills to create, draw or make art as they chose.

Our Art and Design Curriculum is planned with progression and cohesion across the school so that children develop the skills and knowledge needed at the end of Key Stage One with planned opportunities to build on prior knowledge and embed key concepts of Art.  Through our sticky knowledge organiser, children develop key vocabulary which they apply within talk and their creations.

Art provides children with a way of thinking visually and communicating visually. The importance of visual language and understanding is continually developed and extended through discussion opportunities where children are given the opportunity to notice, question, interact and respond to their own work as well as the work of others. Through the curriculum our pupils will enjoy learning about great artists and critique their work to gain a deep understanding of different types of art. The Artists we study are bespoke to our school and are from a range of different periods of time, cultures and gender.  

At Holland House, we celebrate Art through bursts of colour in corridors and specific Arts weeks, exhibiting our work for the community to be proud of whilst also offering extra-curricular clubs to develop children’s talents. 


As a school we strive to provide creative and enriching learning experiences for all pupils. Throughout their time at Holland House, children will take a creative journey exploring materials, ideas, tools and techniques where they can take artistic risks and are given the opportunity to trust their own intentions. We believe all children should reach their full potential, recognising and celebrating the personal achievements of themselves and others; both within school and the wider community. 

Article 31- That every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.