Holland House achieves TIAAS Silver award

Holland House has joined a select group of schools to achieve the prestigious silver award for being a Trauma Informed Attachment Awareness school.

The TIAAS programme run by Birmingham Education Support Services is a whole-school training package equipping staff with new knowledge enabling them to develop ‘trauma-informed practice’ and to notice, improve and value their skills in establishing brain-building relationships with children and young people.

The evidence-based whole-school approach is focused on responding to children’s emotions and promoting positive relationships including ‘Emotion Coaching’ to help children become more aware of their emotions and to manage their own feelings.

Deputy Head Mrs Wootton has been in charge of implementing the TIAAS principles and says they’re delighted to have achieved Silver status:

“To enable us to go for the Silver award we had to embed the principles of TIAAS in our ethos and practice and provide evidence of TIASS in our positive behaviour policy, well-being offers and through a range of approaches that we use in our school. For us this included our ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistance) provision, plans that we use to support our vulnerable children, and our emotional and well-being offer.”

Assessment included a thorough audit and learning walk from Educational Psychologists and Mrs Wootton says they were impressed by the hard work of staff:

“During the feedback given it was said that the principles were embedded across the school, and this was evident from the learning walk and the comments made by the staff, parents and especially the children. We are thrilled as a school to have achieved this award; it was a whole school effort and we’ve been given advice now on how to go for Gold.”

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